Server Monitoring is available in the ColdFusion Enterprise version only.

ColdFusion ships with a monitoring dashboard that visualizes the activities on your server. It can be useful for tracking the details of individual requests, response times, database queries, errors, and JVM metrics.

Tip: There are a variety of third-party monitoring solutions available to augment the server monitor. We recommend Fusion Reactor for its deep suite of performance analysis tools and crash protection features.

This is the entry screen for the ColdFusion Server Monitor and here we are selecting “Enable Monitoring” and “Enable Profiling”  but not “Enable Memory Tracking” which is not suitable for production systems.

Use Caution with Profiling in Production

While this feature provides many deeper insights into your ColdFusion server it should only be used on servers without batch style requests.  For instance, if you have a template that makes 3000 updates to the database, this will create a bottleneck on your server, and it will likely hang until restarted.  All batch requests should be run on other servers with the ‘Enable Profiling’ unchecked.  Troubleshooting this issue is difficult, as often times you will hit this issue weeks after checking ‘Enable Profiling’ since batch jobs are likely scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis,   As of CF 2016, there is no way to exclude certain requests from profiling.

ColdFusion Server Monitor

Be sure to review our coverage of the server monitor for more details.