The code analyzer can be used to scan existing code from ColdFusion 9, 10, or 11 for incompatibilities with ColdFusion 2016 or 2018. This should be used as an initial informational tool when planning an upgrade. However, do not depend on it to catch every incompatibility with your code. We recommend manual regression testing of your application before upgrading your production environment.

To analyze your code, specify the directory path to your code and click Run Analyzer.

ColdFusion Code Analyzer

The scanner can also target specific features of ColdFusion (tags and functions) for compatibility with a newer version of ColdFusion.

ColdFusion Code Analyzer

The purpose of this utility is to scan for code-level problems when migrating and upgrading ColdFusion applications.  Here is an example of the sort of detail produced after an analysis.

ColdFusion Code Analyzer

The analyzer has identified potential issues with the <cfloop> tag. A developer can now review this code for compatibility.

It is important to note that ColdFusion has an excellent track record of backward compatibility with older versions of the server. Transitions are typically smooth with minor code changes required.