Solr is a full-text search service that allows for indexing of many text file types including MS Office documents.

When we first go to “Solr Server” from the left-hand ColdFusion Administrator navigation we are not in advanced view.  It is worth looking at the advanced settings for the following reasons.

ColdFusion Solr Advanced

Firstly we can see here the Solr Admin Port which can be changed if needed.  This is handy to know as we shall see below.

Secondly, there is a Solr Buffer Limit which by default is set to 40MB.  This is one more of the settings in ColdFusion Administrator which can and should be optimized by testing and we can can help you with this.

By browsing to port 8989 locally, we can view the Solr Server Admin Interface with lots of useful areas.

Solr Admin Server

This is running on Jetty so has it’s own JVM heap space which can be configured if necessary.