Solr is a search technology based on the popular Apache Lucene high-performance full-text search engine built in Java. ColdFusion supports using Solr natively. Solr collections can be created both via ColdFusion Administrator or in your application code. There are various reasons why you would choose one method over the other. Here we present reasons for both approaches.

Via ColdFusion Administrator

  • To index document files
  • When the collection does not require frequent updates
  • To create the collection without writing any CFML code
  • To create a collection once

In Application Code

  • To index ColdFusion query results
  • When the collection requires frequent updates
  • To dynamically update a collection from a ColdFusion application page
  • When the collection requires updating by others

This is the ColdFusion Administrator GUI for configuring Solr collections.

ColdFusion Administrator Collections