ColdFusion ships with native support for consuming Web Services through the following constructs:

  • <cfobject>
  • <cfinvoke>
  • createObject()

For secure Web Services that are frequently consumed by your applications, we recommend they be registered with an alias in the ColdFusion Administrator. Web Services can then be referenced with a simple alias instead the WSDL URL and hardcoded authentication data.

ColdFusion Web Services

Web Service Version: Axis versions 1 and 2 are supported and selected via the drop-down.

Web Service Name: This allows a Web Service to be called by an alias rather than the full URL.

WSDL URL: This is the absolute URL to the WSDL.

Authentication Type: Options here are NONE, BASIC or NTLM.

Proxy Server, Port, Username, Password: These settings are required if a Proxy Server is used.

Timeout: This setting is application specific and should be determined by testing.